Frequently Asked Questions

AZ Team Thunder Volleyball Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment can be made in full right after tryouts or on a monthly schedule

Club fees cover registrations, club membership, tournaments, coaches’ fees, gym rental, strength training, and mental coaching that may happen throughout the season.  Fees do not cover food at games or practices or any travel costs.  The standard fees also do not include any of the extra travel tournaments.

The simple answer is Playing times are not guaranteed at any level under any circumstance.  But, we do guarantee that each athlete will have a fair opportunity to prepare and earn a spot on game day during practice time.

Currently, AZ Team Thunder’s main practice facility is Shiloh Community Church at 19021 North 32nd St, Phoenix AZ 85050.

Our commitment to the athletes will be obvious to you and the athletes from the start.  Our interest in creating coachable moments over a winning record will keep the athlete wanting to come back for more.

At AZ Team Thunder, athletes are selected based on skill, attitude, and coachability.  The coaches work to ensure that players on a given team should be able to mesh well together with each other and the coach.

You can register now for our November PreTryout Clinics on our website or at Clinics

We are very sensitive to a healthy balance in life!  As such, most teams will only practice twice a week for 2hrs each practice, with an optional 30minute strength training program afterwards.  Those teams that are getting ready for a national tournament may opt for an additional practice day.  There may be at times Optional Specialty Camps held on Fridays.

Club season varies from 6-8 months starting in November and going through to May-June.

AZ Team Thunder is the Volleyball club of choice for your athlete to truly feel like an important part of a bigger picture.  Not only will they leave our club as an athlete that can compete at a higher level, they will also learn the value of hard work, teamwork, and trust.

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